Address Change Checklist

I'd had 14 different addresses by the age of 25. Each time I move, I have to update my address with dozens and dozens of organisations, often having to re-register or re-enrol with new one now I'd left a catchment area. It's gone beyond a frustrating bit of life admin and is a grim reminder of the lack of permance I have in my life

“And that like, yeah, just like, I guess I feel a bit like trapped in it. Because it's like,you know, like, it's cheap rent - but I'm not like saving most of my money either. Like, I've worked as a bike mechanic like I didn't make a lot of money. So it's just sort of like, okay, I'll regret this but like I'll come back, then you just have to accept that, like, you're living with these kind of, like, dangerous things. And yeah, yeah, I think it's been quite anxiety inducing. So you know, when you want to get home, like, whatever and you can't like go into a house and like, literally can't open the door because, like, things shifted again. Or, yeah, the mould in my room. I don't know, I try not to, like, think about it but - what impact that has my health, like breathing that in? Yeah, and like also I've lived in, I've lived in rented accommodation since I was quite young so I was like 10? so I think it's just that sort of that feeling that like, you can't really settle and like relax”

— Interviewee in conversation with young private renter.

Find out more about this Participatory Action Research project exploring how renting can be made better for young people in East London here.