"In the ten years since I left home, I’ve lived in twelve different places. Those twelve addresses translated to seven different NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups. People talk about the ‘postcode lottery’ when it comes to healthcare, but what gets talked about less is what happens to the people who don’t even get to stay in one postcode long enough to see a referral, let alone make it to the top of a waiting list. Ask for help; wait; move; ask for help; wait; move. It feels never-ending."

“That job took, I think, over a month to do because the handyman was incompetent, and just wouldn't actually finish the job and left his stuff in my room for weeks on end. And it just meant that my room was freezing all the time. There was one time I came home and because it had been raining water to seeped into my actual room, say, you're just always cold and always like a little bit ill. Because I mean, you can't afford to even have the heat and on sometimes. In terms of mental health, it's been really stressful at times. And then these are the times where you're just kind of like, I don't want to be here anymore. I cannot deal with this.”

— Interviewee in conversation with young private renter.

Find out more about this Participatory Action Research project exploring how renting can be made better for young people in East London here.